We are a regional provider of telecommunication network engineering services. We design, build and manage telecommunication networks for service operators and major equipment vendors, enabling the successful implementation of GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, UMTS, HSPA, Trunk Radio and WIMAX networks.


A market leader in the planning, design, implementation and commissioning of quality and cost effective in-building coverage solutions for GSM, UMTS and HSPA networks, we count as our customers many of the region's leading cellular operators.

With almost 10 years of experience and close to a thousand in-building implementations under our belt, we have a proven track record for the provisioning of full turnkey in-building solutions. We have experiences implementing in-building coverage solutions for buildings of all forms, shapes and sizes for mobile operators across the region. Our range of in-building solutions include passive, hybrid, fully active as well as more cost effective off-air repeater solutions.

We assume a customer-oriented perspective when recommending the most suitable solution for each and every building scenario, taking into account building-specific constraints, traffic volume as well as ongoing operational cost and maintainability of the system.

Our portfolio of works includes Suntec Tower, Singapore General Hospital, Raffles City, Bandara Supadio Pontianak, ITC Mega Grosir Surabaya, Blok M Square, Darmo Trade Centre, Four Season Hotel and Apartment and Sumarecon Serpong.

NexWave Tech


We have a successful track record backed by numerous accolades from cellular network operators and major network equipment vendors for execution and reliable delivery of radio network planning, pre and post launch optimisation as well as transmission planning in CDMA, GSM and UMTS networks. We have the proven capability to undertake broad-based and large scale RNP/RNO projects and deliver tangible results in the form of cell site productivity and network quality improvement by consistently meeting or exceeding key network performance Indicators set by our demanding customers.

Our team has successfully performed radio network planning and pre-launch optimisation for more than 8000 new and swaps sites. Typically, our scope of work includes model tuning, initial planning, traffic dimensioning, frequency and parameter planning, RF and line of sight (LOS) survey and also drive test. In addition, we have the experience of executing large scale RF continuous optimisation - for projects involving more than 40,000 TRXs simultaneously.



Radio network benchmarking is a critical ongoing network monitoring and management activity required of every mobile network operator. Upon engagement, our professional Radio Frequency consultants will assist in determining the measurement criteria which will usually comprise coverage area, accessibility, retainability and integrity of your existing networks. Through detailed collection and analysis of both operation and maintenance center statistics and drive test data, major performance-affecting problems on a cell, base station controller and network level can be identified and highlighted. We are able to help the customer verify the performance and efficiency of their existing network, as well as to identify the areas to focus upon and the amount of improvement achievable via further careful optimisation of their network.

In Radio Network Benchmarking, we measure and compare the performance of a particular network against the performance of competing networks. This will reveal valuable insights on the competitive strengths and weaknesses of a particular network against its competitors for network improvement purposes and the formulation of marketing related activities.