Established in 1998, the company partners leading technology vendors to provide infrastructure and business solutions to more than 500 unique enterprise clients across industries and regions. With in-depth domain expertise and experience, we provide mission-critical applications and optimised IT infrastructure resources for real-time information access in compliance with security and governance requirements. We also help companies leverage on the Internet of Things (IOT) and utilise smart learning solutions, social, mobile, big data/analytics and cloud technologies to uncover growth opportunities, build efficiencies and make informed decisions.

Our dedication to our customers is the key factor in our creative deployment of technology, propelling us to continue working closely with more clients in our focused sectors, defining, implementing and managing technology solutions to achieve better business performance.

For more information, please visit www.si-asia.com

S&I is an ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certified company. As such, we adhere strictly to a Quality Policy. We strive to perform to the highest level of our customers’ expectations. We are committed to continuously improving our service quality and processes in the most competitive and effective manner whilst creating new experience for our clients through integrating technologies, information and ideas.

Our commitment to quality encompasses the following principles.

  • We show the greatest respect to clients, and deliver quality services to satisfy the needs and expectations of clients and stakeholders so as to increase our market competitiveness.
  • We establish fair and long term relationship with clients, contractors, consultants, suppliers and employees.
  • We develop our staff potential by providing a suitable working environment and career development opportunities.
  • We raise company efficiency and quality of work through the adoption of ISO 9001 Quality System and by continually improving its effectiveness.
  • We establish and review quality objectives for the continual improvement of the organisation's performance.
  • We ensure all our services meet statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • We accept the opinions, criticism and comments from customers, government organisations, the public and stakeholders sincerely and positively.